The late Intan Mustika Putri Mokhtar

“CURE NOT WAR.. Cannabis is medicine.. Stop incarcerating innocent people for the God given plant!”

Intan Mustika @ Yuuki Setsuna

The late Intan Mustika Putri Mokhtar was born and raised in Melaka. She was a lovely and hard working individual who always did things her own way. Her passion to help those in need started back in 2008 when she personally suffered from the medical condition hypokalemia and was left helpless at home to live off prescription pills from hospitals. It was during that difficult time that she was introduced to cannabis medication which changed her life forever! After about three years studying about cannabis plant medication and meeting hundreds of patients in Malaysia and abroad, she decided to start a social movement and national discussion on cannabis which she felt was the best way to make a change. Intan and a group of activists started the Facebook page “MalaysiaMedicalMarijuana” in 2011 which became the center for cannabis related awareness. This underground movement later became Malaysia Society of Awareness (MASA) in 2018 with our mission and vision at heart. Her love and goodwill was noticed by the global community who supported her dearly. Unfortunately, Intan passed away on 4th July 2019 due to health complications. Although she is no more with us, her fond spirit continues to inspire MASA everyday.


Prof. Dr Vicknasingam Kasinather

Prof. Dr Vicknasingam is an expert in drug related research, treatment and medication. He was appointed as the Ambassador to MASA in 2022. Prof. Dr Vicknasingam is also currently the Director of Centre for Drug Research, Behavioral Interventions & Medication use at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).


Harish Kumar Thanabalan

Harish Kumar was born in Pahang and moved to Kuala Lumpur when he was in primary school. Harish has always been interested in forming solutions for problems in the world. A graduate from the National Defense University Malaysia (NDUM), he is an author and activist who formed MASA together with the late Intan Mustika in order to continue advocating for human rights and to become the leading center for psychedelic plant and alternative treatments research, development and education.


Audwart Kelvin

Audwart Kelvin has been with the late Mrs Intan Mustika since the inception of Malaysia Medical Cannabis in 2011. He emphasizes on the importance of unity as the core of building a great county and is driven towards philanthropy which he does on a frequent basis. As a member of MASA, he ensures that all activities within the organization is carried our perfectly.


Devtar Singh

Devtar Singh has been a member of MASA since 2018. His background in the oil and gas industry made him interested with technology that can reduce carbon pollution in the atmosphere. Hemp and cannabis is the future of green technology as it can be used to make bio-fuel, paper, graphene and more! As a member, he ensures all financial transactions within the organization is well documented and used appropriately.