Shah Alam Court Hearing for Captain (R) Amiruddin a.k.a Dr Ganja 2018

Malaysia Society of Awareness (MASA) or Persatuan Kesedaran Malaysia was registered in January 2018 as a Non-government Organization (NGO) under the Registrar of Society Malaysia (ROS).

The organization was founded by the late Mrs Intan Mustika a.k.a. Yuuki Setsuna and Harish Kumar after years of advocating for cannabis legalization. In the beginning, MASA’s goal was to get this miracle plant recognized as a natural medicine and classified as a supplement or nutraceutical. Mrs Intan was one of the first few Malaysians who was bold enough to speak-out openly about cannabis as medicine.

She paved the path for cannabis legalization in Malaysia by launching the Facebook page and activist movement called “Malaysia Medical Marijuana” in 2011. Her fighting spirit and bravery (even with the possibility of facing death sentence) to stand-up for the truth, rights, health, peace and happiness of all Malaysians was a selfless act out of the unconditional love she had. Although Mrs Intan has passed, her energy lives on and encourages us to do better each day.

Advocating for cannabis legalization in Malaysia has reinforced the importance of Human Rights for every citizen among our founders and committee members. Today MASA advocates for the 30 articles of Human Rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and aim to become the leading center for psychedelic plant and alternative treatment research, education and development.

Vision & Mission

A liberated society with just human rights and knowledge.

Encourage research, development and education to liberate the mind and to improve the quality of life of the society.


Triple-M Logo 2011

MASA Logo 2018 to 2019

MASA Logo 2020 to Present

Since 2011, MASA has created three recognizable logos which symbolize our vision and mission. Our first logo “Triple-M Logo 2011” was created for the Facebook page “Malaysia Medical Marijuana”.

As a movement to legalize medical marijuana in Malaysia, we chose the red moon crescent that encircles the cannabis leaf as it signifies how the plant is an important medicinal herb that can be used for serious illnesses.

When the non-profit NGO was registered, we added the tagline “Cure Not War” which was the message we wanted people to understand. In addition, we also used the color green for “MASA Logo 2018 to 2019” as it is the color of nature.

As we moved into the year 2020, MASA has set a clear path and direction to become a reputable symbol of truth, love and happiness. Our tagline “Live, Love, Enlighten” is our daily action mantra as an individual and organization to ensure we stay focused and contribute to the world.