The prospect of multiracial women in Malaysia spearheading the cannabis industry.

The government’s efforts in inculcating the population of Malaysia toward engaging the entrepreneurial venture have seen success with an increasing numbers of entrepreneurs in Malaysia regardless of gender. Although women entrepreneurs have become more important players in the entrepreneurial landscape, the number is still small as compared to businesses owned by men.

It is known that every woman is probably familiar with the “time of the month” that brings on an onslaught of unpleasant and often incredibly debilitating symptoms. PMS, or as it is formally known, premenstrual syndrome, is a monthly occurrence that can range from mild to extremely severe, and usually has both a physical and mental impact.

While some women can go their entire lives with only mild periods and bearable symptoms, many suffer greatly and require medication to help deal with the side effects. Common PMS symptoms include feeling very low in mood, lethargy, feelings of exhaustion, cramping, headaches, weight gain, acne, tender breasts, and irritability.

Due to marijuana’s ability to boost mood and relieve pain, we have seen more and more women reaching for cannabis during that time of the month!

THC, which is the compound in cannabis has been shown to have the ability to relieve nausea bloating and headaches, which are all associated with aunt Flo visiting each and every month!

On a separate note,it is a given that further research is required in our nation to understand how exactly cannabis curbs PMS and impacts the female body. This is because cannabis is supposed to be helpful for an array of other female health issues such as endometriosis and helping the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) such as imbalanced insulin levels.

In addition to having medicinal properties, from a financial perspective,the cannabis industry holds a fortune for Malaysian women who are already excellent at networking.

Cannabis is indeed an industry and a reasonably lucrative one and women being industry players can formulate products with a local touch which caters to women’s needs. It can also serve as a melting point as cannabis is one plant and people would have to come together to make it prosper hence leaving behind all sorts of negative pre-notions.

According to Esther Josh,a singer and creative artiste by profession, “Cannabis helps me regulate my moods and triggers. Most women face some sort of sexual violence in their life and dealing with it can be harrowing. Especially in the long run… cannabis helps with the symptoms and facilitates a deep inner healing as it helps you open up to parts of one’s psyche one wasn’t aware of.

If Cannabis was an industry, many women who are unable to work normal jobs can look into owning their own businesses. Especially those who have learnt the art of healing through cannabis, can pass it on to the next generation of men and women, paving the way for a mentally healthy world.”

According to Hartini Abdullah, an entrepreneur, “It actually helps me be a better mum and also helps me control my temper I become more penyayang (caring)..susah nak marah (not easily triggered)”.

Hartini then ended her answer by saying “Children don’t need a perfect mother, they need a loving one”.

In my perspective I am of the view that cannabis helps make parenting more joyful and enjoyable, and “Cannamamas” have been around since time immemorial in Malaysia.

It is considered taboo only because the draconian laws surrounding this beautiful plant.