Why Donate to MASA?

Malaysia Society of Awareness (MASA) is a non-profit organization that accept donations to support our movement towards our Vision and Mission. All funds received by MASA will be used for the following purposes:

1) Major Depression clinical trial using Medical Cannabis
– After reviewing all completed clinical trials using cannabis as medicine, MASA agrees and understands that the plant should be classified as “traditional medicine” or neutraceutical so that it can be prescribed to everyone who needs it for a variety of different illnesses. In order for Malaysia to spearhead the hemp and cannabis industry, MASA propose to first complete ONE clinical trial using natural cannabis extracts to treat Major Depression as the pioneer study that will eliminate the dispute and worry about the “high” effects from Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on the mind and body with scientific evidence. The study will also relate to the theories discussed in the book “Human Evolution and Cannabis” written by Harish Kumar and results from the investigation will be published as open-source for FREE access.

2) Charity for those involved with drug related issues and other relevant parties
– Malaysia is listed as one of the Top Five countries with extreme drug laws. Thousands of Malaysians are caught for the possession, distribution and relation to cannabis and other drugs every year. They are treated as criminals and incarcerated by law enforcers. Many lost their jobs, family, friends and the reason to live a normal life again. This senseless act and abuse on Malaysians and foreigners in the country has caused so much harm to the population and even ended the lives of capable and innocent people who actually need love, care and guidance to get back on their feet. MASA has formed a special team who will meet individuals and families who require assistance and select those who are in need of moral, spiritual and financial support. MASA will be provide aid for legal fees, cost of living, self development programs and much more.

3) Psychedelic plants and Alternative Treatments Research, Development and Education
– MASA’s vision is to become the leading centre for psychedelic plants and alternative treatments Research, Development and Education that is operated completely within the non-profit organization. All scientific research complies with international standards and will be monitored by experts. Psychedelic plants contain incredible but less studied chemical compounds that is super effective in treating mental health related issues. All of the plants used by MASA is 100% natural and used for centuries by ancient civilizations for various reasons including medicine, spiritual healing and recreation. With cannabis paving the way towards other psychedelic plant research, MASA hopes to form an effective and long-lasting treatment solution to eradicate general and mental health illnesses and uncover the full potential of the human mind and body.

4) MASA Operational Costs
– An allocated amount of funds will be used to support MASA’s operational costs that includes our office, campaigns and activities. MASA’s yearly financial report will be presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and updated to the Registrar of Society Malaysia (ROS) and other related government bodies for reference.

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